Believe It Will Come – Better Days Ahead

We all know there are some days that feel like the world is crashing down on you. There are terrible days when it feels like everything you’ve ever done has been for naught. Maybe today has been one of those days for you and maybe it hasn’t. Maybe it’s been one of those days for me. Maybe it’s been a long stretch between good days for us all, even years for some of us. But on days like these, it doesn’t matter how you feel about it. It matters how you decide to think and act on what you believe.

The difference between a survivor and someone who never gets up when they’ve been knocked down is in how they perceive the future. Even if they don’t see a silver lining, or even light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, they believe that there will still be better days ahead. Even if that brighter day takes years to arrive, they still anticipate it will come. They know it will. They – I – keep the faith that something extraordinary is ahead in the future.

Heartbreak and change can alter a person’s future in an instant, but sometimes the dull ache of today is tomorrow’s triumph. Losing a dream can bring the birth of a new one; the one that can make you happier than you ever thought possible. And that new dream will make you so content that your old life, yearnings, and dreams seem paltry in comparison with the things you know now; the things you would never have seen come to fruition had you given up when things got tough.

I’m no different. I’m certainly not preaching to the choir and taking credit where it isn’t due. I’ve had many days when I thought I might not keep going. I’ve had days when the pain was so much that I thought I might not be able to bear it anymore, where painkillers did nothing to dull the physical pain. I’ve had dreams die, dreams in which tutus and Broadway suddenly seemed too far away to reach.

But during those moments, those awful times, I never saw a novelist in the mirror. I never saw a storyteller taking form. That storyteller would never have come to be if I hadn’t believed in a better day and a better future, even when I couldn’t see past my pain. WAR MACHINE would never have been written and I’d still be crying in my soup if not for the sheer will power to survive.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in either. Keep on fighting and believing. Tomorrow will be a better day. Open your eyes to the smallest of blessings and the people who make your life worth living. Cling to your faith and beliefs with all you have.

Tomorrow could be the best day of your life. But you’ll never get to see its wonders and joy if you give in now; now will you?

Love and hugs,

Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel XOX

God bless you

Fight For What You Believe In – A New Challenge

There’s a lot to say about the world these days, but few people are willing to see what’s right with it. Likewise, even fewer of those who do see what’s wrong are willing to do anything to change it.

We all say things need to be changed, but no one seems to be standing up. Those who are slightly inclined to do so rely on leaders of groups – movements – political parties – to do their talking for them. And yet we wonder why we’re all in the same mess we’ve been for years, centuries, and possibly even eons?

Think of one thing you want to see change in the world today and think about the last time you actually moved to try and change it. Have you sat back and complained about the issue instead of doing something about it?

Understand me: this article is not a guilt trip.

It’s not. Truly it’s not. It’s an effort to move whoever is reading it right now to stand up for something good in the world. We see wars, we see riots, we see starvation, we see orphans, we see abuse – and very few times do we say ‘I want to see this stop.’ Instead, everyone says ‘that’s the world we live in’. But is it? Does it have to be that way?

I want you to think of someone you really admire and ask yourself, did they accept the world we live in? What change could they really have made if they instead had cast a blind eye?

Consider this your call to action. I can even apply a shiny, plastic, and socially acceptable hashtag to it if you need it. Helping others should not be an instagrammed moment or something that you want to go viral. That’s vanity talking. I’m asking you to stand up because it’s the right thing to do. Can you do that? Can you?


– Xo Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

A Blue Jay and a Butterfly | A Testimony

22089631_1513815748662430_4506487774410116338_nWhen all seems lost, look to God. All I can offer is my own testimony.
Today when I woke up and heard the news about Vegas, I was overwhelmed with sadness. Since yesterday, I had had an overwhelming feeling something was going to happen. But feeling it and seeing it are two entirely different things. Between issues that have come to a head in my life and the news today, I lost it.
I headed outside and just cried, asking God where He was and what I should do. And the good Lord knows getting me to cry is like getting blood out of a stone. But as I cried and talked to Him, something made me look up. And what I saw only made me cry harder, but this time not out of sadness, but of disbelief and joy.
A beautiful butterfly landed at my feet and stayed with me. It had no reason to do so, wings slowly opening and closing as he stayed with me for several minutes. And I knew it was a sign.
When it flew away, I just marveled at what had happened. But He wasn’t done with me. As I sat stunned, a blue jay flew down to the nearest branch of the nearby tree and screamed at me.
Whenever I need a sign from God , I ask for one to be sent to me. On previous occasions upon asking for one, a bluebird immediately took up nesting in our mailbox and another time came to windows at our home, flying up against the window closest to me and tapping on the glass. It came three days in a row, following me to whatever room I was in. But this summer none of them had come to me, until now.
The blue jay screamed at me, seemingly to have just flown in from nowhere, called to me, and then took off, disappearing as fast as he had arrived.
God heard my cries and answered my pleas. He stated effectively and quite clearly that He was right there with me the whole time; that even when we think He has forsaken us, that He has always been there with you. And I want whoever is reading this today to know that no matter what, He is here and His angels are fighting for us. This world has not been forsaken to the evil and darkness. The battle is not yet over. We as His children are never alone, and we are loved more than we know.
God is with you all today ♥️ Love and hugs to you all 🌈🕊

  • Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Is Your TV Evil? – A Faith Based Look

Sanctification and purification begins with your mind. Whatever you allow your eyes to see, your ears to hear, and your mouth to speak, are what you become. My advice? Guard them. If you don’t believe in violence, then don’t watch it on TV or play violent video games. The same applies to listening to music filled with profanity, drug references, and promiscuity. Most people don’t even realize what they are being subjected to. Main stream entertainment content is filled with subliminal advertising for just about anything you can think of, including pharmaceuticals!
I am not suggesting that you turn off everything in entirety. No. I am just asking you to think of what it is fostering. If you are depressed and cannot figure out why, try to look at what is influencing you. Your TV constantly advertises every ailment they can prescribe a drug for and flaunts violence not because it is the news, but because it generates money for the channels and their advertisers! Mind you, this includes our politicians, too. They do advertise after all!
Take a break. Be with yourself and with God. Get outside, read a book, and metaphorically smell the roses. The roses haven’t shot anyone today. They won’t convince you that you have some new horrible and probably falsified disease. And they certainly aren’t xenophobic, racist, or accusing you of being a misogynist!
Reach out to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for comfort and clarity. He listens. He heals us. He teaches us not to hate and to take care of our minds, bodies and souls. He wants us to be well and He loves us.
Can you claim the same for your TV?
– Peace be with you, Maggie Lynn

For This I Pray – We Have The Power To Cast Out Demons

In Jesus‘s name I pray… For all the souls feeling the devil pressing into their lives, I ask for relief… For all the sick and the weary, I ask for healing of their hearts and bodies… For all the lost and hopeless, I ask that you boost their faith up onto your shoulders… For all the nations across the land accepting and playing host to evil, I ask that the people there become wise and cast Satan out…
hopeWhile we may feel helpless, we cannot forget that the Lord our God has granted us dominion over many of the things we do nothing about. Man was given the power to cast out demons and in doing so, all the evil they bring about in our lands, souls and bodies. We must have faith and allow God to work through us.
Cast all of your eyes to the Lord. Call upon him. He will answer. Let him cleanse your mind of negativity and sin. Let him heal you and through you, heal others.
– Maggie Lynn

Renewal – A Reawakening of Hope

Time is a very unusual concept. We can’t see it physically with our eyes even as we may continually look to our clocks to keep us on schedule. In a word, it only exists to those who follow it. It purely a human invention.

Similarly, the end of the year is something only those who believe in it acknowledge. Nothing really happens between the minutes of 12:59 PM and 1:00 AM on New Year’s. It is simply the slipping by of another moment; that moment being of a concept of time. So why do we stay up every year to watch the ball drop? Optimism.

As humans, our eternal spring of hope seems to prompt us to wish for a better year. We yearn for a brighter future even in the dark times when there seems to be no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. And on New Year’s eve and day, we look forward to the times ahead of us, no matter what they may be. We make resolutions, celebrate the passing of the holidays, and most importantly, we take a retrospective look at the times behind us.

For all of us, the new year is a time to make anew. The past is the past and the future is, well, unknown to us all. And to many, that is an exciting idea. I know it is to me. For the new year ahead, I have many things planned: the release of my new science fiction novel, to perhaps travel a little more and also to improve my general health. And you, as the reader, I am sure have plans of your own. I just have one request for you.

I want you to look at every day of your life as New Year’s day. The only limit here is yourself. Even the sky above us has been breached. The old saying – the sky is the limit – simply isn’t true anymore since space travel became a reality.

So instead of shooting for the moon, maybe you should think of the universe as your landing pad. Make every day count and always keep your chin up. Hope is eternal – limitless – but only if you chose to see it that way.

Best wishes for the New Year and may God bless you all. Tell me your plans for the New Year below. I’d love to hear them!

Daily Prompt ‘Renewal’