WAR MACHINE – Destiny in the Shadows Series #1 (Dystopian Science Fiction)

War MachineBook one in the award winning Destiny in the Shadows Series

Winner of silver and bronze medals in the 2017 Virtual Fantasy Con Awards – Best Soft SciFi Novel & Best Science Fantasy Available Now

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Blackmailed, cornered, and screwed. That’s what happens when you get caught…If you’re an assassin, that is. When a contract killer teams up with a four-star general to track down an elusive terrorist group, sparks fly and not of the romantic variety. Racing against the clock through the desert to save their city, they discover that the terrorists aren’t always the ones to fear… and may not be their true enemy.

 And now available, Slave to War, the sequel to War Machine!

Get an exclusive bonus features here!

3 thoughts on “WAR MACHINE – Destiny in the Shadows Series #1 (Dystopian Science Fiction)

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