Cursed Hart – Väktare of All Realms Series – (Urban Fantasy)


Vaktare of All Realms Series

Lost by the Fidem. Hunted by Xydon. Her family murdered…

Only one power can save them all; the power of a herald Väktare and her Protectore.

When a mysterious stranger arrives at Shira Black’s motorcycle restoration shop, trying to kidnap her and knowing her true identity, all hell breaks loose… quite literally due to her curse. Her only hope to stay free and in turn alive, is to trust two brothers to find the last of her family. To survive, they must unite their powers to evade the demonic forces of evil looking to capture her soul.

Väktare of All Realms series is an action-packed urban fantasy with a flare of humor that will keep the reader on the edge of his or her seats until the very last page. Between magic, dragons, wall walkers, and a sassy talking cat, one thing is for sure. The world will turn upside down and inside out before the Shira Hart’s story is at an end.

Before long, the heavens will split open and the legendary Golden Cuckoo of Toucson’s hatchling will be hers. People long dead will seemingly rise from their shadowy graves as secrets from the past are brought to light. But can Shira Hart resist the demands of the Tro Fidem? Or will her black magic curse kill those who are trying to help her and consume her soul at long last?

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4 thoughts on “Cursed Hart – Väktare of All Realms Series – (Urban Fantasy)

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