A Blue Jay and a Butterfly | A Testimony

22089631_1513815748662430_4506487774410116338_nWhen all seems lost, look to God. All I can offer is my own testimony.
Today when I woke up and heard the news about Vegas, I was overwhelmed with sadness. Since yesterday, I had had an overwhelming feeling something was going to happen. But feeling it and seeing it are two entirely different things. Between issues that have come to a head in my life and the news today, I lost it.
I headed outside and just cried, asking God where He was and what I should do. And the good Lord knows getting me to cry is like getting blood out of a stone. But as I cried and talked to Him, something made me look up. And what I saw only made me cry harder, but this time not out of sadness, but of disbelief and joy.
A beautiful butterfly landed at my feet and stayed with me. It had no reason to do so, wings slowly opening and closing as he stayed with me for several minutes. And I knew it was a sign.
When it flew away, I just marveled at what had happened. But He wasn’t done with me. As I sat stunned, a blue jay flew down to the nearest branch of the nearby tree and screamed at me.
Whenever I need a sign from God , I ask for one to be sent to me. On previous occasions upon asking for one, a bluebird immediately took up nesting in our mailbox and another time came to windows at our home, flying up against the window closest to me and tapping on the glass. It came three days in a row, following me to whatever room I was in. But this summer none of them had come to me, until now.
The blue jay screamed at me, seemingly to have just flown in from nowhere, called to me, and then took off, disappearing as fast as he had arrived.
God heard my cries and answered my pleas. He stated effectively and quite clearly that He was right there with me the whole time; that even when we think He has forsaken us, that He has always been there with you. And I want whoever is reading this today to know that no matter what, He is here and His angels are fighting for us. This world has not been forsaken to the evil and darkness. The battle is not yet over. We as His children are never alone, and we are loved more than we know.
God is with you all today ♥️ Love and hugs to you all 🌈🕊

  • Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

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