The Vampire’s Handmaiden: An Exclusive Sneak Peek!

There was only one thing in the world Count Dracula wanted.

One thing in the entire universe. The entire world could go to hell for all he cared, so long as he got what he desired; what he’d so desperately hunted for centuries. He’d torn up entire continents looking for it, not caring who or what would be destroyed by the search. Only one thing mattered.

Approaching his father’s throne with that in mind, he bowed before the old bastard. He sank down so low that it killed his ego, longing to spring forward and tear his longtime enemy’s throat out; that being … “Father, may I speak with you?”

But it seemed the Viscount already knew why he’d come. He sat back with a smug smile. A very knowing smile. “You’ve finally found it; haven’t you? The being you’ve been searching for so stridently.”

Dracula inclined his head, displeased with the Viscount’s knowledge. “So you do know of Van Helsing’s thievery…”

His father chuckled, gesturing with three fingers that he may leave. “Few things would please me more than to see you reacquire it. I will wait for your return, Rafe. Safe travels.”

“I may not return for decades,” Dracula warned, satisfaction curling around his mind like a sharpened set of claws. His freedom was at hand.

Still the Viscount dismissed him, ignorant of his offspring’s second aim. “Even so, go, my son. You have my blessing.”

Standing upright, he fled from the Viscount’s presence before another word could be said. He’d gotten his permission. The Viscount wouldn’t know of the truth or even search for it for a few decades. Even a century could pass before he would inquire of him again. By then it would be too late.

Ascending to the balcony before anyone could stop him, he’d already embraced his inner monster and shifted, sailing into the air with a savage cry. He rose into the updrafts of the wind, the air ruffling his fur and leaving his human skin behind. He set his course for the west, allowing the sun and stars to guide him.

Before long, his prize would be ready. While he would have to wait thirty years for it to mature, it was still satisfying to know his salvation was within grasp. There would be no stopping him in reclaiming it now; no matter the price.

His soul would once again be his. He would fight Hell’s legions to reclaim it if he had to, setting his course for the North American continent. Little else mattered now, so long as he got it back.

Van Helsing had failed in his quest. His ancestor would belong to Dracula and give him what he so desperately craved at long last. Nothing would get in his way this time; not even death. He would possess his vitality at all costs.

Dracula had found it at long last. He had found the one.

The first of its kind. The only of its kind.

The female. The first female heir of Van Helsing’s legacy.

Her womb alone would restore his soul.

She would belong to him and he would have his revenge on her sire… even if it meant sacrificing her life.

Copyright ©️Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel 2019

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Here’s a little more about the series!

The Vampire’s Handmaiden: Watchmen of the Grail…

Only one thing matters: the reclamation of Dracula’s soul…

Her blood rights sold in return for her mother’s life, Yasmina Tolite longs to be free of living her life in the night. Bound forever in servitude to a vampire as his handmaiden, her virgin blood belongs to him alone until the day she dies. But when a new neighbor moves in next door and threatens to steal her heart, there’s nothing her vampiric master won’t do to keep her as his.

Between the arrival of Viscount Dracula and the discovery of Van Helsing’s long lost heir, one thing is for certain: the night has just begun.

Dracula’s salvation is at hand. The Holy Grail has been found.

Yasmina Van Helsing will rise. A Watchman has been born.

The Vampire’s Handmaiden is perfect for fans of vampires, were-wolves, were-cockatrices, the Holy Grail, and twisted tales of the undead. Proceed with caution, for the dark fantasy world of the supernatural is about to become yours…

Move out of the way Twilight, Dark Shadows, and the Vampire Diaries fans. The vampire hunters of the Grail are coming for you…

Editorial Review:

“Dang. I’m a writer more than a reader. I’m an editor more than an avid, willing reader. Heavy duty college courses as an English major all but ruined my zest for reading books. Plus, I am not intrigued with those trendy vampire stories. Well, that zest is back along with the intrigue with thanks to Author ML Heron-Heidel. I’ve fallen in love with some of her characters and I passionately want to snuff out some others. With my bare hands nonetheless. Then along comes the talent of their creator and I want to invite most of them into my home. Well, not entirely most. Some are not welcomed yet all live within my mind and heart. They will forever thanks to the talent of this writer. Her work is absolutely brilliant, captivating and never, ever repetitive. With the end of each piece I find myself longing to read more, to know the outcome, the happiness my favorite characters so deserve – and the justice the others’ misdeeds merit. Ah but my thirst is never quenched novel to novel. How absolutely brilliant this author is! I get hooked every single time and, you know what? I’m loving it.”

Available October 31st 2019 just in time for Halloween!

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