Your Summer Reading List 2018

Guess what’s coming your way, readers?! Make sure to check out Slave to War, Wings of Caligo and Cursed this summer!

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A New Interview With Eric Klein For War Machine

My book War Machine was featured in a new interview! You can check out the interview with me here on Eric Klein’s fantastic sci-fi blog and read all about how War Machine was written and how I brainstormed the tech in the story:

Vaktare of All Realms – Book Excerpt

Season’s greetings everyone! I hope this post finds you well and hopefully not stuffed with too much turkey and pie… Or tofurkey if you’re a vegan! I just wanted to give you  a sneak peek at my upcoming novel series VAKTARE OF ALL REALMS. If you love fantasy creatures and magic, this will be a great book for you!

Fiction Novels

Vaktare of All Realms Series

– A sneak preview of Vaktare of All Realms –

“I feel the sorrow of a dying race; drowning in the sea of ignorance and crowded out by the fear of the many. Our time is either beginning again or degenerating into nothingness, this much I know. But to decide our legacy, either story or song, depends upon you young one.

I be not afraid, nor should you, of what is to come. Time passes, creatures pass back to bone and earth and the young grow old. The cycle of the sun passes on without our consent regardless of our actions. Time is a silly invention, a charade of control for those foolish enough to cherish it and death is an immovable inevitability. Unavoidable. The only things we can do to influence this dimension is to safeguard the innocence and survival of the young. For without them, we shall diminish. Not as individuals, no, but as a whole.

We walk the soil or sky, or not at all, but the great star continues to rise without pause. The question is child, will we rise or set with the passing sun? I do not pass our actions off to fate. Our actions are ours to decide. Evil flourishes under the pretense of fate – inaction. To stand passive is to stand aside, let live the bad, watch it walk off with a wink and a promise of destruction. But the destruction will not be its own, it will be ours. If not in body, in soul.”

I felt the weight of Xara’s eye as she came to the end of her speech. She sighed heavily and her scales rattled together as she shivered in the night wind. Chalorn lay asleep sheltered in her shadow, snoring lazy smoke spirals as the rest of the clan sat alert, watching warily around us.

But my eyes couldn’t meet hers. They rested solely on the lights of the sleeping city in the distance, the cities even further to the south and north. But while my eyes were only narrow enough to view the horizon, my mind was able to view with full horror the rest of the world and the danger it was in. And there was only one person in the world who would be able to save it.

And she was sitting on her ass in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dragons. Doing nothing.

“So young one,” Xara asked amusedly. “What will you do?”

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~ Excerpt from Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel’s upcoming novel, copyright 2017

Destiny in the Shadows – Slave to War Cover Reveal

23601006_1551781328199205_953734353_oThe big cover reveal for Slave to War, the sequel to the award winning first book in the Destiny in the Shadows series, War Machine, is here! Sierrenna (Rain to all us fans!), Cain and Michael will be back in another action packed adventure before you know it. The cliffhanger I left you all with will finally be continued and we’ll finally find out what happens to the city of Nacin and if Rogee will get his way…

Yes, I’m a horrible tease, I know, but you know you love it anyway! (Can you feel my wink from here?) I’m aiming to release it this Holiday season, but can’t give a definite date yet since it is still being edited. Make sure to sign up for updates on it to be the first to know when it is available to read and I’ll even send you a free e-book to keep you busy in the meantime! You can do so here

And if you haven’t read War Machine, make sure to check it out before the sequel arrives or you’ll have a lot of catching up to do!

  • Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

War Machine Is Now Available In Paperback!


War Machine – Destiny in the Shadows Series by Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

For all of you who love the smell of freshly printed books and pages, your wish has finally been granted! War Machine is now available in paperback formats for everyone in addition to the Kindle digital edition. Visit here to grab your copy!

And for those of you who want a signed copy, make sure to comment below so I can contact you about the details!

Thank you all so much for your support! Without you, War Machine would never have seen any readers! Again, here’s the links to grab your copy, whether digital or paperback!

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A New Teaser From War Machine

War Machine: Destiny in the Shadows

A Science Fiction Adventure Novel by Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Only eight days left until War Machine is out! Here’s the new excerpt I promised you all with a touch of romance…

“…His eyes shone down at me as I breathed unsteadily, trying to drag air in to my rapidly shrinking lungs. I battled with my desire to run and the desire to surrender to him entirely. I could feel my heart wildly thumping in my chest and I could have sworn it skipped a beat or two. I hoped he couldn’t feel all this through the bulletproof polymer.

“You can say ‘no’,” he whispered, sounding as though he wished I wouldn’t.
I opened my mouth to protest but the words died in my throat. Maybe they came out as a whimper; I don’t know. I wasn’t paying much attention to my reaction now as much as I was his rapidly descending lips. My eyes drifted closed and I could feel his breath on my face.
It was a shock to me that I wanted his contact so badly. He was right. I did like him. I did like the way his arm was holding my body and his hand gently twisted up into my hair. I so badly wanted to know what it felt like to be loved. My lips trembled with anticipation and want. But the contact I suddenly longed for never came…”

xx Author Maggie Lynn