Living The Authors Life

Hello everybody! What a weekend! Between the gorgeous weather, seeing great people, and a few day trips, it was a blast. Here’s what was going on around my neck of the woods…

At the Levitt Pavilion in Westport we heard some great Jazz…

Down in Bridgeport Connecticut we saw some awesome restorations of classic cars. I love incorporating classic vehicles into my stories and got some new ideas for books by looking at these. And who wouldn’t?! These are beautiful. To me they add a certain flavor that can add such detail to a story. In one of my upcoming books, Cursed, the character ‘Brin’ has a classic 1969 Pontiac GTO.

The Westport Library in Connecticut has a great new day-trip for families with youngsters who love to read. Check out the video below. It’s just behind the Westport Library…

The Westport Fine Arts Festival 2018 was full of great art and new artists…

And best of all, I got my notes back from my editor. I just love it when she leaves me notes on how much she loves a scene!

And that just about wraps me up. It’s a new week and I need to get to writing! I hope you all have a happy and healthy week. God bless you! Make sure to sign up for my newsletter. You’ll get a free copy of STILL DEATH, plus I send out freebies and extras to my fans all the time!

Love you!

Author Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Happy June To All My Readers! * Contest Alert *

Happy Summer everyone! How are all my wonderful readers?

I have some  exciting announcements for you all. I have not one, but three new books planned for release this summer! They are:

Slave to War – Book 2 in the Desting in the Shadows series

Wings of Caligo – Book 1 in the Legends of Arestina Series


Cursed – Book 1 in the Vaktare of All Realms Series

Want to read them in advance before the general public gets to see them? I’m going to be needing a bunch of advanced readers! If you want in on receiving a free digital advanced reader copy of Slave to War, Wings of Caligo, or Cursed, make sure to join my street team group on Facebook!

I’m so excited to be sharing these new books with you! You have no idea! They’re all fantasy and sci-fi books, so I can promise lots of adrenaline pumping action!

Also heads up authors! I’m teaming up with my publishing company Heron Publishing to bring you some great contests this week! From video teasers, to social media promotion and blog features, make sure to like their page to enter all of their June contests! Like them here at

Also for my readers on Google Play:

War machine is now available to read on multiple devices. Do you have a specific format you like to read in and can’t find War Machine and Still Death on them? Let me know and I’ll make sure to get it to you! I want my readers to be happy not only with my stories, but also with your reading experience!

Destiny in the Shadows – Slave to War Cover Reveal

23601006_1551781328199205_953734353_oThe big cover reveal for Slave to War, the sequel to the award winning first book in the Destiny in the Shadows series, War Machine, is here! Sierrenna (Rain to all us fans!), Cain and Michael will be back in another action packed adventure before you know it. The cliffhanger I left you all with will finally be continued and we’ll finally find out what happens to the city of Nacin and if Rogee will get his way…

Yes, I’m a horrible tease, I know, but you know you love it anyway! (Can you feel my wink from here?) I’m aiming to release it this Holiday season, but can’t give a definite date yet since it is still being edited. Make sure to sign up for updates on it to be the first to know when it is available to read and I’ll even send you a free e-book to keep you busy in the meantime! You can do so here

And if you haven’t read War Machine, make sure to check it out before the sequel arrives or you’ll have a lot of catching up to do!

  • Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel