The Vampire’s Handmaiden is Live!

The fated day has arrived! The Vampire’s Handmaiden is finally here!

I’m so happy the book is now in readers hands and out there in the world! Reviews are starting to come in and they are making me grin. People are loving Yasmina, Dracula, and Dune. Remillion, not so much… Then again, that’s just how I wanted it!

It’s available on Kindle and paperback, so make sure to pick up your copy before it gets too spooky out there tonight! To all the trick or treaters, stay safe! Who knows what creatures of the night are lurking around and thirsty for your blood…


Chalorn the Baby Dragon – A Character Sketch From the Vaktare Of All Realms Series


Charlorn the Baby Dragon – A Character Sketch by Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Ah, Chalorn. The little darling from my series Vaktare of All Realms. I thought I’d give you all a little sneak peak at his character before the book is released. His mother, Xara, is on the cover art I did for the book. Here she is if you missed her –

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