Who Is Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel? A Heart To Heart With You (Video)

Who is @maggielynnheronheidel? I figured it was time we had a heart to heart about what I stand for, my dear readers. It’s far more than being an author, filmmaker, or comedian. Being here on this planet is so much more… I talk about the content in my novels, such as human trafficking, endangered species, etc. So many of you know me from Whatsit Comedy TV, but you don’t know the real Maggie Lynn.

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Thank You to My Readers! Together We Will End Human Trafficking

Thanks to all of my readers for supporting me on my mission to help end human trafficking!

As many of you know, with each purchase of one of my books, a portion of proceeds goes to ending slavery in Cambodia. Today I was able to send off another donation to Agape International Missions because of all of you!

So to all my readers, thank you! Together we will end human trafficking!

– Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel