The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Ah, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle… It’s a quagmire that even the best of scientists can’t explain. Some theorize that Atlantis lies beneath its waters. Others believe it is a haven for UFOs. But what are the known facts?

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the area covers about 500,000 square miles of ocean off the southeastern tip of Florida. When Christopher Columbus sailed through it on his first voyage, one night he reported that he saw a great flame of fire crashed into the sea.

Dozens of aircraft and boats have disappeared or sunk in its boundaries. Through the centuries, it has been theorized that thousands of disappearances have occurred. And while some of the wrecks have been found, the remains of the crews still remain startlingly missing.

The bizarre occurrences have even included the navy, sinking ships and causing bombers to become aimlessly lost. Flight 19, a group of 5 U.S. torpedo bombers, vanished in the Triangle in 1945. The rescue plane sent to look for them has also never been recovered. Other stories include the mystery of USS Cyclops, resulting in the largest non-combat loss of life in U.S. Navy’s history. The ship’s crew of 309 went missing in 1918. Even as recently as 2015, El Faro, a cargo ship with 33 on board, vanished in the area.

However despite the Triangle’s mystique, the U.S. Coast Guard has stated: “In a review of many aircraft and vessel losses in the area over the years, there has been nothing discovered that disappearance would indicate that casualties were the result of anything other that an physical causes. No extraordinary factors have ever been identified.”

But now the mystery may be close to being solved. Meteorologists claim that the reason for the occurrences could be unusual shaped hexagonal clouds in the area, creating 170 mph gusts of wind. Studying imagery from NASA, the scientists concluded that some of these clouds reach 20 to 55 miles wide. The waves inside these air bombs can also reach as high as 45 feet.

However, other meteorologists refute the claim, saying that the same such clouds appear in other places on earth, and without the strange disappearances. So perhaps it is still a mystery after all.

Personally, I prefer to think that my theory is correct and that inside the Bermuda Triangle lies the realm of the fairies: the Isle of Arestina. It has a portal system and a force shield to make it invisible to the human eye, so while my idea may be completely fiction. There’s no evidence to prove that it’s not the case! Either way, the Triangle still remains great fodder for fiction writers such as myself.

So what do you think causes the Devil’s Triangle to be such a mysterious place? Write me in the comments. I love hearing theories!

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