The State of Our Nation

The state of our nation tonight…. our world… burning with fire and hatred. The demons are feeding off all this and getting power from it.

Don’t think that it is merely a one dimensional battle. It’s only ramping up from here on out and we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves…For those awake, this is now progressing to a full spiritual warfare arena. It’s time to engage.


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– Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Missing History: Seneca Village – The Lost Neighborhood Under New York City’s Central Park

Did you know about Seneca Village?

Having spent a great deal of time in New York’s Central Park, I felt it important to share this piece of history with all of my readers. It is especially interesting to me considering one of my series, Destiny in the Shadows, sits on the ruins of New York. Few people seem to know that much of New York itself sits on former communities forcibly turned to ruin… and that’s not including the Native American history of the island. Few people realize that the name Manhattan itself is thought to be of native origin.

Remembering stories of my grandparents travels and careers in New York in the 1900’s, their families being immigrants to New York before them, I doubt very much that they knew of Seneca village either. Before viewing this, had you ever heard of Seneca Village? Comment and let me know.

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Video courtesy of Vox