It Must Be Spring… I’m Hatching Something Big – #BloodWar

Salutations to all my readers. My lawn looks like a rabbit has been murdered on it. Clumps of white fluff are everywhere, leading everyone to a false conclusion. We don’t have white rabbits around here. The small brown ones are just fine, reproducing over the last few years like… well, rabbits.

What in fact has occurred is that Mishka got his spring de-shedding. Consider the size of a grocery store paper bag then imagine it filled to the brim with white, fine hair. Then consider the volume of everything left on the lawn from the process that blew away before I could catch. And then every wad left over on my pants so that I now look like I had a field of dandelions explode on me. Needless to say, Mishka looks about thirty pounds lighter.

Why am I telling you this? The good news is that he only produces that much hair twice a year when he blows out of his winter and summer coats. Meaning SPRING MUST BE HERE. Screw it Punxsutawney Phil. Mishka’s furry buns have better predicted the seasons over the last eight years with more accuracy. If he’s getting rid of his winter coat, it means we’re close to the end of the frigid cold.

Meanwhile, (now that the fuzzy PSA is over), I can update you on a few things. Since Outfoxed has been released and so has Black Hart (to rave reviews from you my dear readers), I have a few people demanding to know what is next.

Cue the dramatic music. Before I officially unveil my current project (which will have quite few of you cheering!) I will say that early this summer, Forgotten Hart from my Väktare of All Realms series will be out. It’s almost through edits and all that author jazz that I specialize in. More details to follow soon and Shira Hart’s adventure will continue with a HUGE BANG, but I cut to the chase…

BLOOD WAR: Defiance, the now titled book three in the Destiny in the Shadows series is coming to a book shelf near you very soon. In fact, I’m already over one hundred thousand words into it, so Rain and a few new friends will be coming your way likely by the end of summer 2020. Other than that, I can’t say too much without revealing spoilers, so I’ll put it in caps.


That being said, I can answer a few questions.

1) Will Cain McRattin be back? Now that truly is a clue to remember on the last page of Slave to War. Duh. As per reading, we all know he’s still alive. The question is where he’ll have been and in what condition considering Blood War takes place ten years after the events of Slave to War. Yes, I am a very mean author. I love romance and angst and frequently dabble in both at the same time. And Blood War won’t lack either, trust me.

2) The request by one (and only one I might add) of my readers to kill Michael Xorratti has been dually noted. Will I take the firmly screamed at me suggestion? Author’s prerogative dictates I listen to you like a cat takes commands from its master. I’ll pretend like I haven’t heard you and knock a few things off a counter at the same time in response. You’ll have to read to find out.

3) What happened to Rogee? Again, why ruin the surprise? I’m a very, very mean author making you wait.

4) Things to look forward to? In this book, we’ll finally get to see MoiRai as well as meet the extended members of Rain’s family, including Rain’s mother. Needless to say, things will get hot very quickly. Master Rascorr will be met as well, so new worlds will be discovered.

5) Will John McRattin play a bigger part in this book? Woo, whoever sent me this query, you are very keenly astute. I’ve left subtle clues along the way through the first two books, so you shall see what I have been leading up to. The Green Dragon will be flying soon, so keep your seatbelts on. There’s going to be a lot of friction along the way…

6) What about the baby?!!! Baby? What baby? Was there a baby mentioned in Slave to War? Perhaps there were two? I’ve even included a complementary baby Yoda GIF to brace you for the fact I won’t be divulging what happens to Trystan… Oops. Is that a clue?

Indeed, I am a very #MeanAuthor. See? It’s even becoming a hashtag of me! Feel free to tweet about it:

@maggielynnhh is a very mean (THOUGH AWESOME) author. #MeanAuthor ❤ Tweet this to show your support! #BloodWar #DestinyintheShadows

That pretty much sums it up. I’d love it if any of you readers have expectations for book three. I try to listen to my readers, so if there’s something you want to see, I may take it into account. Feel free to DM me on Facebook or comment below the article. Even better, subscribe to my newsletter. You get a free book out of it (STILL DEATH, a best seller on Amazon!) and you can also email me directly then whenever you want by replying to me there. Again, I try to reply!

Well, that sums up our time together for today, but I hope I haven’t left you overly frustrated. BLOOD WAR IS COMING SUMMER 2020. STAY TUNED PEOPLE. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET HOT. LIKE WWIII HOT…

Feel free to tweet your excitement…

I’m #Excited for Blood War: Defiance – #Book 3 in the Destiny in the Shadows series by @maggielynnhh. Added to my TBR list for summer 2020!

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