I Am Thoroughly Opposed To The Introduction of 5G Into Sherman, CT Via Happy Acres Farm

For those currently unaware or uninformed about the goings on in Sherman this week, I have sent this letter to the town as of February 27th, 2020:

To: Mr. Don Lowe, First Selectman of the Town of Sherman CT

As well as to whom it may concern in the Sherman town office,

In lieu of appearing at the town meeting this evening since I cannot personally attend, I wish to make my opposition to the introduction of 5G cell towers in the town of Sherman, Connecticut known. I agree with the letter to the editor in the Town Sentinel today by Susan Zeitler, calling for a moratorium on the installation of 5G and support a cease and desist.

The health effects of 5G are still being documented and have been banned in Brussels, the Netherlands, counties in Ireland, the UK, Russia, Switzerland, and many other parts of the world, including districts here in the United States such as Portland, Oregon and others on a growing list. The state of Louisiana in particular has called for a study to be conducted on the specific health effects of the radiation and towers, hopefully a growing trend amongst the states.

I for one do not wish to be a guinea pig for the cell phone companies to test on. As a member of the town with numerous health problems as it is (kidney failure and numerous autoimmune issues), I also worry about those in town with weakened immune systems and those fighting off cancer. Additional radiation at untested levels cannot be good for those with health conditions.

As it is, I am aware of Connecticut’s bill SB 536 which proposed an established statewide plan for building new small cell towers in the public right of way. The bill would supposedly give the public some voice. Verizon opposes this bill. I for one am keeping an eye on the entire state as for how 5G is pressed upon us.

All in all, the safety of 5G has not been assured to the general public. Considering the close placement of the tower to the Sherman School, only a few minutes up the road at Happy Acres Farm, it places our children in the line of the radiation. When given equal radiation doses, the risks for children and adolescents are greater than for adults. Children grow quickly, and their cells are more sensitive to radiation. Since effects of radiation take years to develop, their youth extends the time for any potential effects from radiation to occur.

As a member of the closest residing communities to the existing tower, less than two minutes down my road, I am opposed to the installation of 5G in our town until conclusive health testing has been thoroughly conducted and by an impartial source outside of the cell companies themselves.


Resident Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel  

If anyone else wishes to voice their opinions on the matter, I would suggest they likewise speak to the town selectman, Mr. Don Lowe, before the board makes a decision with or without the town’s general opinions being expressed. You can do so here: http://www.townofshermanct.org/government/departments/government/board_of_selectman.php

Photo by Sparsh Karki on Pexels.com

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