Enter To Win the Valentines Day Fantasy and Sci-fi Book Giveaway

Hello fellow bookworms! Thanks for stopping by to enter our Valentine’s Day Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Collection Giveaway! One lucky winner will win a book collection worth $50 from these fabulous authors:  

– War Machine & Still Death by Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel
– Tempus by R.J. Batla
– The Dragon’s Blood Key by Linda L Barton
– Master Fantastic by J.S. Frankel
– The Liminal Key by Ruth J. Burroughs
– The Rapier by Richard Correa
– The Lost Dragon Isles and Rise of the Dwarven Empire by Zackery Vanderhorst
– The Deceived by E.C. Fisher
– Ghostwalker by C.E. Martin

– Unknown by Phil Price
– And the Brittle Riders Trilogy by Bill McCormick
Plus a custom bookmark made by Victoria Blaha!

Sweet deal, right?! The drawing is on February 14, so make sure to enter by then and stay tuned for the winner! Click here to enter!

But in the meantime, make sure to read about all the great books included in the prize pack:


By R.J. Batla

Celeste Dumas is the most powerful water Senturian her race has produced in generations. But skill alone doesn’t make you a leader.

Fierce drive and determination have led to her becoming the youngest captain in Tempus history.

Her elation is cut short when a simple assignment goes terribly wrong. A vanishing ship and an invisible adversary lurking below the surface sends her and the crew of the Ajax into uncharted waters fraught with danger as they uncover a much more sinister plot.

Can Celeste overcome her past and stop the enemy outmaneuvering her at every turn? Not only is her crew at risk, but the entire Tempus race.

Pirates, action, and amazing powers combine in the second novel in the Terraunum Origins Series, chronicling characters from Fire Eyes Awakened.

Read it here

The Dragon’s Blood Key

Linda L Barton

YA Fantasy at its finest

It all began with a mysterious book and the story of a magical kingdom. The kingdom of Walandra is a wondrous place, full of magical creatures and… DRAGONS. A curse cast over the kingdom imprisoned the people in darkness. It is time for the champion who will end the curse and banish the Evil Queen to the Land of Shadows.

A young woman from a far-off realm must save the kingdom. As Cassy prepares to face the Evil Queen Alona, she must learn to harness the power hidden deep within her. Her quest will take her on an enchanting adventure, and awaken an ancient power that will free the people of Walandra. Sometimes, the Hero comes in a form least expected.

Read it here

Master Fantastic

JS Frankel

High school student Paul Coleman’s life is an ordinary one. His existence takes a turn for the extraordinary when he and his best friend, Rory, are attacked by a winged demon one day. The demon, which calls itself Hekla, possesses the power of sound, and kills Rory with its scream. Paul survives, but the force from the blast has left him mainly deaf.

A year later, Paul is out of school, working part-time, and is fearful of going deaf forever. Although he has learned sign language well, he wonders where his life will go.

All that changes when Montague (Monty) Trillian, also known as Master Fantastic, enters his life and requests his services as a sign language teacher for his daughter, Myrna.

Paul accepts, and soon finds out that Trillian is not just any magician, but an Elementalist, one capable of wielding the four elements of Earth with ease. He can also open portals to other worlds, and often does so, visiting those of earth, water, and fire.

Many adventures follow, and Paul and Myrna grow close, but Hekla returns and demands Myrna be given to her. It seems that Myrna is the product of a union between Monty and Hekla, and like all mothers, she desires to protect her own.

Now, Paul must do everything he can to save Myrna from being used for a fate far worse than death, and only the abilities of Master Fantastic can save them all—or can they?

Read it here

The Luminal Key

Ruth Burroughs

Krystal Fisher is a neglected American housewife writing novels to make extra money for her farm, and her husband. When she’s magicked out of her backyard by two mischievous Elf toddlers, Evan and Inga, to an Alternate Earth, called Niflheim, a planet that orbits a cold black sun in a hot white universe filled with black stars.

Thrown in to a cell full of Fairies, whose magic wings are to be cut at dark sunrise, she must help them break free in order to save the four-year old twins, Evan and Inga, from certain death. If she doesn’t the Elf children will die a slow and painful death as they rapidly age and the Fairies will be enslaved, their wings cut and boiled down for the town’s magic potion supply. She rescues adults searching for the lost children and accidentally promises to marry their father, an impossibly seductive and strong Elf soldier.

Read it here

The Rapier

Richard Correa

Kathy Masters never expected to journey to the stars until she was selected by the prestigious Galactic Geographic Society to photograph and get videos of the flora and fauna of a newly discovered class M planet before colonization begins. Filled with hope and enthusiasm she boards the S.S. America for the trip to Beta 3 Epsilon to begin her new project. On the way she is abducted and brought aboard the privateer Rapier beginning her nine year sojourn among the colonies of mankind. Going from captive to slave to induction into the infamous Brotherhood Kathy finds herself being called on to raise the adopted daughter of the crew of the Rapier. Given the responsibility to raise their princess, Cindy, with the help of Lien Lan Yi, daughter of the house of Yi and princess of the imperial court, they travel among the stars preying on merchant ships, dodging Chinese warships, fighting pirates, visiting strange worlds and encountering fantastic creatures all under the watchful eyes of Commodore James Ulysses Black. Trying to raise a young girl among gunfights, sword fights, ship to ship battles, slave trades, deals and some of the most feared raiders in human space is no small challenge. The only question is is Kathy up to the task?read it here

The Deceived

E.C. Fisher

Lucifer killed God and sent the angels through the cycle of rebirth on Earth while he stayed in Heaven plotting his revenge. In this version Revelations is Lucifer’s End of Days. The Archangel Michael is reborn and given the Sword of the Spirit by his dying Father before being sent to Earth with the mission of saving humanity from Lucifer’s plot. The situation is dire, the Earth has been ravaged by war and the creatures of the Four Horsemen. Michael gathers a ragtag group of followers and travels across the United States to defeat the Antichrist in hopes of ending Lucifer’s plan and freeing his love who was taken hostage during his escape from Heaven.

Read it here

The Brittle Riders Trilogy

Bill McCormick

A, far future, Earth had already been visited by an alien race, called the Sominids, who came here for the express purpose of drinking and having sex with everyone they could. When one of their, infamous, parties resulted in the moon being cut in half, and killing everyone who happened to live there, they quietly left.

Their encounter with the Sominids taught the human race many things, primarily that faster than light travel didn’t exist. Denied the stars the human race began to dwindle in number and terminate any space programs.

A thousand years later a scientist named Edward Q. Rohta circumvented anti-AI laws, which had been on the books for millennia, by creating organic creatures to provide manual labor. Instead of dying after ten years, as promised in the company brochure, they would develop flu-like symptoms and go into hiding. Eventually, fed up with the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of humans, they rose up and killed every man, woman, and child on the planet.

This the story of what happens next.

The Brittle Riders, apocalypses are funny that way.

Read them here

And War Machine

Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Blackmailed, cornered, and screwed. That’s what happens when you get caught…If you’re an assassin, that is. When a contract killer teams up with a four-star general to track down an elusive terrorist group intent upon detonating a nuclear bomb inside their city, sparks fly and not of the romantic variety. Racing against the clock through the desert, facing harrowing odds and dire consequences should they fail, they discover that the terrorists aren’t always the ones to fear… and may not be their true enemy.Set in the ruins of New York, WAR MACHINE is a fast-paced adventure thriller filled with betrayal, suspense, and alliances that quickly turn into deadly enemies. Destiny in the Shadows hauntingly echoes the state of the world today and the fate of the heroes determined to save it.Read it here

The Lost Dragon Isles

Rise of the Dwarven Empire

By Zackery Vanderhorst

The wind sweeps through the land as the races march to face one another once again. Elves armed with Dwarven steel move out onto the borders as Goblins and Ogres do the same, their numbers far greater. The armies mass and prepare for the chance to spill blood, each race still clinging to the old hatreds lingering from the Chaos Wars. As the northern and southern armies meet, the greatest clash in the history of Nalawren will begin. The history of the Elves will be rewritten as the future remains uncertain, and through the middle of it all, the existence of Dragons will be revealed. Once just a myth, cloaked in shadow the great beasts wait, the taste of revenge soon to be savored on their tongues. Book One of The Guardians of Nalawren SeriesThe armies are set, the board drawn out, and like a chess game one of the forces is soon far stronger than t he other. The betrayals have left deep scars in the hearts of the Elves as they pull what is left of their alliances together to face Valsera’s armies once more. In desperation the Elves once again send for the Dwarves hiding in their mountains to the north, but as time goes by it seems the Elves are truly on their own. With all of Pentegarn battered and desperate the Dwarves finally arrive to save the midlands from the massive southern armies. It is soon apparent though that their allegiance comes at a cost, one that the Elves may not be willing to pay. With all of Nalawren pushed to war, the Dwarves decide to change the playing field to fit their own dark interests.Read them both here


C.E. Martin

Recruited by the U.S. Military, Professor Richard Merlo and his assistant, Omorose Nasser, are transported from their University paranormal studies to the middle of the Arizona desert, investigating a haunted military outpost abandoned decades before. The academics soon find themselves in over their heads, investigating a spectral murder at the invisible hands of the entities that have made a deactivated missile silo their home. The hunters soon become the hunted, caught between non-corporeal hostiles and a military unit comprised of supernatural soldiers in a battle to prevent an ancient evil from unleashing a very modern armageddon on the innocent.

Read it here


Phil Price

It happens every year. A select few disappear, never to return.

From The Falkland Islands to the Himalayas, Puerto Rico to England – people are vanishing without trace or explanation. A young man who’s lost everything stumbles across an ancient secret.

Can he unlock the mystery?

Will he find those who need him?

…can he escape the Unknown?

Read it here

Plus a bookmark by Victoria Blaha

You can find more of these wonderful book marks here at this link

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