Ariana Grande: The Perfect Role Model?

Ariana GrandeWell, well, well… What better way to represent our grief than to wiggle around singing about being sore after sex…
Sorry folks. Ariana Grande’s ‘Oneness’ concert that took place in Manchester yesterday has yet to move me. And now I see the Telegraph has published an article on how a reporter who, after watching the concert, had decided that Ariana wasn’t a bad role model for her daughter after all… Oh, really?
So because Grande decided ditch her normally skimpy costumes for one event, she’s now a good role model? Does that magically nullify all the innuendo laced songs directed at young girls (including such empowering lyrics such as ‘It’s Hard To Breathe When You’re Kissing Me There’ and talk of ‘Dick Bicycles’), nor remember the hating of America, licking of doughnuts, and gratuitous music videos with people having sex on car hoods?
Maybe a little less cupcake fluff and a little more condemnation of violence would be in order for me to be impressed. But as for the glowing article by that wonderful mother, the reporter, I guess that a paycheck from a magazine is enough to change anyone’s mind, folks. I just wonder if she’ll find it empowering when her daughter is old enough to do more than just ‘sing’ about ‘dick bicycles’…
Gotta love society today. Gotta love it…
– Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

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