A Twist In Time Review – A New Steampunk Adventure

A journey into Victorian England with a new fresh ‘Twist’.

Oliver Twist never looked so good. As far as I know, before this, he’s never been a vigilante either.
I’ll be very honest and say at the beginning of this novel, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy the story. But by the end, I was won over. Having never been a super fan of steampunk, I found this book refreshing and a delightful change from the usual offerings of the genre. Oliver turns out to be a worthy hero for the story, protecting the orphans of the city and rising to the challenge.
While there were a few questions left over at the end of the novel, they lead on into the next book in the series and do not lead to a cliffhanger. All in all, it leaves you wishing to read the next in the series. Though the book is technically YA, the plot arc is by no means juvenile. It is perfect for adults and teens alike.
Well done, Mr. Harris. Four and a half stars.

For those who are intrigued, here’s more about the book:

Dickens Meets Steampunk.
Foundlings are disappearing from the workhouse where Oliver Twist once begged for a second bowl of gruel. He sets out to save them, with help from tinkerer, Nell Trent, and a slew of fantastical contraptions – including a mysterious pocket watch that allows its bearer to bend the rules of time. With Oliver’s childhood nemesis, the Artful Dodger and her lethal bag of tricks dogging their steps, he discovers that there is more at stake than his own life and the missing orphans. Can he save London from the flames?

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