A Valentine’s Day Rant – Plus The First Chapter of Black Hart

Valentine’s day sucks. You heard me right. It does. You’ve got no Valentine, no superficial teddy bear, you feel left out, then you reach for some crappy chocolates that you bought yourself. Then to top it off, tomorrow you weigh yourself and discover that your chocolates left your scale with an added bonus.
I have a better solution for you.
Don’t spend Valentines day without a high octane adventure. Black Hart is available today! Continue Shira Hart’s journey as a treat to yourself 😛 You know you want to. Instead of craving chocolates, you’ll be left craving for more in the best possible way… one that won’t end you stepping on the scale tomorrow

As for the first chapter, click the widget below where it says ‘free preview’. You can read the prologue and first, second and third chapter like it’s your kindle app. Or if you actually have a Kindle, have the preview sent straight to your device.

Happy Valentine’s Day! You can thank me now. It officially won’t suck.

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