Outfoxed is finally here! – Australian Bushfire Efforts

Can you feel my excitement? Outfoxed has finally been released!


This story was specially written by me to benefit the animals affected in the Australian Bushfires and is now available on all online major retailers. Proceeds will go to the Australian Zoo Hospital’s efforts to treat and rehabilitate the animals affected by this tragedy. The hospital itself was founded by the Irwin family and continues to this day to help the animals in need.

About the novel:

A beauty, two beasts, an asexual prince, plus an enemy wolf shifter clan intent on abduction. What can possibly go wrong?
Adara Bileby has a secret. Between being hunted mercilessly for her heritage as a red wolf shifter and sneaking through windows at night as a thief, she also has two men who both insist she’s their mate. But when her father trades her off to the magical land of Mynt in exchange for his life after killing one of their sacred peppermint roses, she inherits an enormous problem. Two teensy problems to be precise.

When her ‘mates’ are transformed into two beasts by the sentient roses, she must make an everlasting choice. To save the man she loves, she’ll have to give herself to a monster. If she doesn’t, her love will remain trapped as a beast forever. All the while an unknown enemy lurks in the shadows, intent upon getting her all to himself. Will Adara sacrifice herself for the man she loves? Or will she have been totally outfoxed?

Outfoxed is a new science fantasy retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story with a comedic species-swapping twist that will warm your heart. Spun into the tale, you’ll encounter wolf shifters, fennec foxes, flying foxes, koalas, a few errant bandicoots and feisty sextet of sentient rosebushes. All in all, it’s one wild ride!

As you can see, the animals of Australia play an important role in the story. In the back of each purchased edition, I’ve included a glossary of all the species mentioned so that the reader can learn more about them. Even if you should choose not to purchase the story as a donation, please share this with all of your reading friends. With each sale, an animal in need gets the help it so wholly deserves.

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