How Long Would It Take For A Vampire to Drain A Human Body Of Blood?

How much time would a vampire take to drain a person of blood?

Well, according to science, the average grown human has about 1.2 to 1.5 gallons (4.5 to 5.5 liters) of blood circulating inside their body. So if you were to be drained of blood, you’d weigh about 10% less of your body’s original mass.

By the time kids are 5 or 6 years old, children contain just about the same amount of blood as adults do. But because children are smaller, their blood makes up a larger percentage of their body weight than in adults.

But what does this have to do with the release of the Vampire’s Handmaiden, you ask? Very simple! We’re busy theorizing just how much blood they can get out of a typical human without killing them. What a lovely, morbid topic, right?!

When donating blood, a person loses about a pint of blood or 10% of it. When you lose about 30% or more, symptoms of the blood loss really start to manifest. That’s around 3 – 4 pints of blood. But when the human body loses 40% or more, hypovolemic shock starts to set in. That’s when things start to shut down and blood pressure starts to drop. I.e., that’s the true danger zone.

So if you were to be bitten by a vampire, there would be two more factors to consider. Thinking of where precisely they bit you would also be a huge detail to take in. The difference between how much blood they’d get on an a major artery (for example the femoral artery or the jugular), would be very different than if they bit you elsewhere in the body. That, and the victim’s blood pressure would definitely contribute, depending on how low it dropped or if it stopped entirely.

Either way, the body can be drained of blood relatively quickly. It would vary person to person, based on their size and where bitten. But either way, most people would be dead within minutes at fastest. It’s a pretty grim way to die in my opinion, but personally I’d prefer it to being torn apart by zombies!

Hope that answers your question, readers! The Vampire’s Handmaiden will be live at midnight tonight, ready to read on October 31st, Halloween 2019! Make sure to pick up your copy HERE.

In the meantime, here’s a synopsis of the novel:

The Vampire’s Handmaiden – Watchmen of the Grail Series

Only one thing matters: the reclamation of Dracula’s soul…

Her blood rights sold in return for her mother’s life, Yasmina Tolite longs to be free of living her life in the night. Bound forever in servitude to a vampire as his handmaiden, her virgin blood belongs to him alone until the day she dies. But when a new neighbor moves in next door and threatens to steal her heart, there’s nothing her vampiric master won’t do to keep her as his.

Between the arrival of Viscount Dracula and the discovery of Van Helsing’s long lost heir, one thing is for certain: the night has just begun.

Dracula’s salvation is at hand. The Holy Grail has been found.

Yasmina Van Helsing will rise. A Watchman has been born.

The Vampire’s Handmaiden is perfect for fans of vampires, were-wolves, were-cockatrices, the Holy Grail, and twisted tales of the undead. Proceed with caution, for the dark fantasy world of the supernatural is about to become yours…

Move out of the way Twilight, Dark Shadows, and the Vampire Diaries fans. The vampire hunters of the Grail are coming for you…

Editorial Review:

“Dang. I’m a writer more than a reader. I’m an editor more than an avid, willing reader. Heavy duty college courses as an English major all but ruined my zest for reading books. Plus, I am not intrigued with those trendy vampire stories. Well, that zest is back along with the intrigue with thanks to Author ML Heron-Heidel. I’ve fallen in love with some of her characters and I passionately want to snuff out some others. With my bare hands nonetheless. Then along comes the talent of their creator and I want to invite most of them into my home. Well, not entirely most. Some are not welcomed yet all live within my mind and heart. They will forever thanks to the talent of this writer. Her work is absolutely brilliant, captivating and never, ever repetitive. With the end of each piece I find myself longing to read more, to know the outcome, the happiness my favorite characters so deserve – and the justice the others’ misdeeds merit. Ah but my thirst is never quenched novel to novel. How absolutely brilliant this author is! I get hooked every single time and, you know what? I’m loving it.”

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2 thoughts on “How Long Would It Take For A Vampire to Drain A Human Body Of Blood?

  1. Well … if they were really thirsty? They could chug and finish it in no time …
    But, seriously? It all depends on how fast the victim’s BP goes down or stops.
    And, this book will be GREAT as are ALL of Maggie Lynn’s books are!

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