All I Want For Christmas Is You – The It’s Tea or the Dog Holiday Comedy Special

Hilarious ❤ A great themed TV comedy. Enjoy!

Whatsit Productions Films & TV

hqdefault Ah, Christmas time… The time of year when in-laws consistently test your mettle and make your brain wonder if they’re heads would fit inside the short end of a turkey. Not exactly peace on earth, but what are you going to do? It’s the holidays.

But, you could watch the It’s Tea or the Dog Holiday Comedy Special. With no in-laws or exasperating family members in sight, it could be the perfect distraction from your familial woes. You could even acquire a piece of pumpkin pie and eat it while your brain vegetates on the dulcet tones of Euphoria singing to Francis about how much she wants him. Caution, though. Make sure to laugh between bites. No one likes a computer of flat screen covered in bits of half-chewed desert.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the HOLIDAY SPECIAL here.

  • Happy Holidays from Maggie Lynn and Peg…

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