Dear Authors, Where Are The Introverts? | Tea Time Talk

I love introverted characters! Many of mine are, especially in the VAKTARE OF ALL REALMS SERIES. Thanks for this great point, Bookishthingsandtea!

Bookish Things and Tea

tea time talk

Welcome back to another Tea Time Talk! It’s been a while, huh? So grab your tea/coffee/drink of your choice, sit back and enjoy.

Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite things, which are protagonists and introverts. In particular, introverted protagonists. These seems to be a rare type of character, especially in YA fantasy. It’s true, you do see a few of them in contemporary, such as Cath from Fangirl, but in a contemporary setting, introverts make sense.

However, when thrown into a brand new world full magic and mythical creatures, we always see protagonists who are ready to go on an adventure and can easily bond with new people around them. So, what would happen when you chuck an introvert (who probably much rather stay home reading) into a world like this?

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