Cursed Hart Is Finally Here!

The hotly anticipated day is here! Cursed Hart is available to read on Amazon in ebook and paperback editions! The reviews are rolling in and so gar they’ve all been excellent. One reader went so far as call it my best work yet when he reviewed it on BookBub.

Make sure to pick up your copy of Cursed Hart on Amazon today! If you send me a proof of purchase screenshot and a review acreenshot, I will send you another ebook of your choice from my catalog as a free thank you bonus!


Facebook and Instagram Down Thanksgiving 2019

Between stuffing your face and stifling the urge to bludgeon your least favorite in-law with the back end of the turkey, you will be dismayed to learn that Facebook and Instagram are indeed down. I think I just heard a collective, pained scream from half the country declaring, “But where will we post all of our food photos?! Noooooo!”

Forgive my humor. Either way, I wish you all a wonderful day. And if you should wish for a reprieve, make sure to check out Still Death here. It’ll provide you with a valid reason to escape into another world for a little while and is free.

Much love and hugs, Maggie Lynn XO

PS., Cursed Hart will be here tomorrow, so make sure to check it out here.

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Sneak Peek at ‘Cursed Hart’ | An Exclusive Excerpt: The Turkey

Hello everyone on this lovely Thursday! Hope you are having a great week. Somehow I can’t believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving. Besides the obvious fun of the holiday this year, I’m also all revved up because Cursed Hart is coming out on the same day. Between the shopping and the foodstuffs, I figure readers can enjoy an action packed adventure conveniently tucked in the pages of a book. Sure beats deadly Black Friday stampedes, right?  Then again, if you’re in line for a new Kindle deal at a store, I’m sure not going to stop you!

In the meantime, I decided to post a snippet of the story to give you a bit of a sneak peek, and a Thanksgiving themed one at that. While it’s not thanksgiving in the story setting itself, it certainly fits with the holiday Cursed Hart is being released on! Read it and you’ll see why:

“… Unfortunately far from convinced, Heidi’s eyes flickered up to the rear view mirror. They widened and focused on the GTO behind us. “My, my. This ought to be good.”
I turned around in my seat to see Peter waltzing up to an enormous tom turkey imperiously strutting across the road after his hens and blocking their car. Brin was leaning out the window and yelling after him, but Peter was determined. “Pete, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
“Get out of the way, you big, stupid oversized chicken! Go on! Git!“ Peter squawked.
“That flock has lived here for years,” Heidi murmured. “And that tom has a formidable reputation for being territorial-“
She never finished her sentence. If she did, I didn’t hear as I howled laughing.
Peter took one look at the now charging turkey and fled, arms outstretched with a yelp. The attempt he made to flee back into the safety of the car was unsuccessful, however. He gave the door one haphazard tug before the bird got too close and he had to run for it again.
“Thank you, God,” I murmured as Heidi dug out her phone to film it.
We both chortled as they ran rings around the SUV; Peter running for his life and the turkey following close behind with its feathers fanned out. The loud gobbling I could hear over Peter’s cursing did nothing to lessen the hilarity, however. I sat open mouthed as he let out a loud scream to his brother for help, still running.
Brin, of course, made no move to help him (probably just as thrilled as we were), other than to shout out his window, “Get in, Peter. Get in the car!”
All attempts to remind Peter that he could produce Tro failed as he took a flying leap onto the hood of the GTO. This did nothing considering the turkey was able to fly. It only caused Peter to catapult off just as quickly when it flew up and pecked him in the butt with an irate cackle.
“This is gonna go viral,” Heidi snorted. “His mama is gonna to love this!”
But the hilarity wasn’t done as Brin got out to try and help. He’d no sooner stepped out when one of the hens went after him, enforcing the tom who was still chasing Peter. Brin tried to shoo it away, but in the process, Peter darted around the back of the car, unaware Brin had gotten out, too, and slammed into him. They both went down with Peter landing on top of Brin. Much to Heidi’s and my glee, the tom then proceeded to hop on top of them both, flapping its wings and still gobbling.
Brin sat up with an angry grimace as Peter tried unsuccessfully to squeeze himself under the car to escape. All the fun ended as Brin promptly aimed a sleeping intent at the unsuspecting birds. They wobbled on their legs a few times and then fell over. Peter cursed and rubbed his ass, watching as Brin kindly picked the bird up and deposited it off the road.
Heidi at this point was too busy uploading the video to notice Fae staring out the back window. Fae had jumped up to watch, too. “Now that was entertainment.”

Copyright Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel 2019

See why I said it fit? Peter is one of my character favorites in the new book. You can read all about the novel here. You can preorder it so you’ll have it on Thanksgiving morning, ready for your commute or wherever you’ll be for Thanksgiving, (perhaps with that shiny new Kindle you got for Black Friday!).

Make sure to comment below about how you liked the excerpt or share this snippet to show some love! I love hearing from you guys!

Xo Maggie Lynn

Cursed Hart is available now for preorder, released on November 28, 2019.


A New Week & A New Friend

Man, oh man, another week has gone by. Now we’re in the Thanksgiving season and almost to the Christmas sprint of the shopping frenzy. Crazy how time passes, isn’t it? Where did 2019 go?!

Still, at this time of year, some of the best things happen. Families gather, parties commence, and people in retail feel even more exhausted than usual. I’m only teasing with the last one! But after braving the mall the other day, I can certainly empathize with anyone who works in one of those stores!

Either way, one of my personal weaknesses usually surfaces around this season. All of the cutest stuffed animals are put out on display for the poor suckers like me. I’ve always loved fluffy little creatures (as is proven by the live one, Ser Mishka, pictured below), even through my childhood.

Ser Mishka, my in-house dormant wolf shifter

On the shelf while I was grocery shopping, I spotted this lovely little fox. Swayed by the fact I’d never seen a Christmas fox in stores before (and the fact I’m currently writing a Christmas novella for my readers with foxes in it), I decided the lil’ fella would be coming home with me. Bart, as is named the character in the story, is now sitting with me as I write this.

Isn’t he cute?

But that wasn’t where the story ended. Oh, no, of course not. My dear editor upon seeing Bart felt that he wasn’t enough like the character in the story. In the book, the shifter Bart winds up stuck as a fennec fox. For anyone not familiar with the species, fennec foxes looks entirely different than a common fox. Not swayed by her argument, Bart still stayed with me.

So true to her usual form (and sixth sense intuition that no one except the good Lord himself can explain), guess what was sitting in Whole Foods when we arrived there to shop?

Meet Bob. Editor-dearest named him after Bob Newhart because she felt he looked like him. Do you see the resemblance, dear readers? If you’re reading this Mr. Newhart, apparently Bob Foxy Jr. has an adorable face just like yours.

So now I have two foxes, sitting here with me as I type this. Either way, come December when I release ‘Beauty and the Beasts: A Christmas Tail’, you can tell me whether you think ‘Bart’ is more appropriate to the character than ‘Bob’.

Until then, I’m focusing on my current release ‘Cursed Hart’. For those of you who are motorcyclists, I’m holding a fan contest for the release of the book. Send me a photo of you and your motorcycle to be featured. The best photo will win a digital copy of the book when it’s released. Send me a DM here on Facebook to enter.

Thanksgiving will be here in little more than a week, and so will the story! I’m so excited over this series because it is the first series I ever wrote. It’s taken a little longer than the others to get to press, but I’m eager to share Shira Hart’s story with you!

For anyone interested in reading more about Shira’s journey, make sure to check out Cursed Hart here.

Happy Holidays to you all! You’ll be seeing more of Bart and Bob’s adventures, that’s for sure!

– Love Maggie Lynn

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest! And if you want to see the cover for Beauty and the Beasts: A Christmas Tail, make sure to hit the like button and share this. I always try to answer reader requests, so show a little love for this blog! God bless you all

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Happy November – Prepare Yourself For The Christmas Ads!

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

And the advertising agencies mindful,

We’ve only two months to go,

Christmas overload, overload, overload!

Ah, the month of November is here already! Turkeys will be stuffed (and humans, too!) by the end of the month. Me? I’m still trying to wrangle the Christmas ads that started playing before Halloween was even over!

Ah well. Maybe I’ll stick with thoughts of El Dia de los Muertos. That ends today, but at least it doesn’t involve thoughts of snow and thoughts of Mishka trying to eat the tinsel off of people’s trees! There’s never any on ours, but knowing him, he’ll try to find some anyway!

Thank you all for your wonderful support during the launch of the Vampire’s Handmaiden. It’s been wonderful hearing from you all about the story. It make me as the author so happy! If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, make sure to do so here.

Well, let all tidings be merry and don’t imbibe in the foodstuffs over the upcoming holidays! ‘Till we meet again, God bless!