May It Be: A New Year’s Prayer for 2019

May you always be blessed and loved,

May your new year be awash with color and light,

May your faith be ever stronger

May your family be prosperous and healthy

May there be peace in your heart

And may the grace of our Lord and Savior be the strength upon which you draw, no matter where you walk.

– Love Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Also… If you were wondering…

Book Review: ‘The Swan Princes: A Christmas Tail’ by Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel

Wow! Another Great Review For the Swan Princes!

Book Squirrel

This novella is a contemporary retelling of the classic Swan Lake story.

The well known story has been cleverly recreated in a contemporary setting and style, with a variety of great characters that have been developed very cleverly and with good attention to detail. The best stories have characters that you love and others that you love to hate, and this book does not disappoint.

It’s great to see this story being given new life in a way that isis well-written and very enjoyable. It blends mystery, fantasy, romance and magical realism quite seamlessly to deliver a story that is very engaging and delivers some strong lessons about family, loyalty, and the power of love.

‘The Swan Princes’ has been awarded a Gold Acorn.

Find your copy here.

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Slave to War – An Exclusive Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! Just a few more days until Slave to War is here! Wanted to give you an exclusive sneak peek before the book is released. This is the prologue the story, so not too much for a spoiler for ya!

“Where is she?!”

The terrified-looking secretary leaned away from her desk as General Cain McRattin suddenly lunged and grabbed her by her shirt collar, losing his patience. Now nose to nose, he bore down on her, causing her to to drop the phone in fright.

“Call Rogee and tell him if he doesn’t cough Rain up this instant, I’m going to tear his city apart from the inside out!” he snarled, shaking her roughly. “I know he has her! I’m not putting up with the runaround anymore. Either get him on the phone or this is going to get ugly…”

Her eyes widened as his grip tightened around her shoulders. “I’m sorry, General, but I already inquired about her to my boss multiple times and the Prime Minister insists he had nothing to do with Sierrenna’s disappearance. Maybe she left voluntarily,” she stuttered and then gulped as he shook her. “I can leave him another message-“

“That’s bullshit!” he roared, icy blue eyes narrowing dangerously. “She was abducted! I have it all on security footage and the license plate of the vehicle that took her belongs to Rogee!”

“Cain,” Rig inserted calmly, reaching over to attempt to pry Cain’s fingers off of her. “Let her go.”

“She’s full of crap,” Argon added, shooting her a disgusted look as Cain reluctantly released her. “She’s not going to talk. Let’s blow. If Rogee won’t answer our calls, then maybe he’ll respond to us releasing the evidence linking him to your father’s murder. How about that, bitchface?”

That seemed to get a rise out of the secretary. She shook, mouth opening and closing for a minute while all four soldiers glared at her. “Look, I have searched the records myself for this Sierrenna, but we have no records in our system of such a person inside the government database.”

“Then how do you explain all the photographs in the paper?” Ray demanded, slamming her fist on the counter while Rig nodded. “Or the security footage from the nuclear incident?! She was chosen by the state for the mission! There has to be a record somewhere!”

The secretary shook her head. “Then someone has erased all records of her existence. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. If she is still alive, you’re going to have to find her yourselves.”

Cain stood up with a start as she folded her arms, refusing to talk further. Storming out of the room, he headed outside of the building to escape all of the lies. He slammed the door shut and headed out to the car. All was quiet as he muttered under his breath mutinously and dragged his hands through his hair.

Seven long days had passed since Rain had been taken. All evidence indicated that his love was beyond his reach, but he refused to give up. He had been through the city and across the desert to MoiRai, but still no sign of her had been found… until this morning, that is.

Argon had called. A woman was found washed up on the shore of the river on the other side of the city. Limbs missing, artificial organs, innards and eyes cut free to steal the technology, she wore Rain’s violet dress from the night of Michael’s party. Even the leather jacket that Cain had tossed over her shoulders had washed up, covered in white blood. A gang’s insignia had been burned into her forehead as a grim signature.

His stomach sank thinking about it. It was so grizzly that Argon warned him to stay away, but he had gone and he was glad he had. Sorry for the poor soul sacrificed to throw him off of Rain’s trail, but relieved because it hadn’t been her.

The true Rain had a small scar under her chin that he’d noticed one night while she was asleep, unaware of his study. It was almost like a small star on her silky copper skin. It was missing from the corpse. That they couldn’t fake. This woman also had pierced ears. Rain didn’t. She had no brand on the back of her neck and many of her other scars weren’t present either.

The empty eye sockets made him sick with disgust and brought images of Rain’s lifeless body to mind. But that was too much to bear now.

Determination rekindled, he spent the day redoubling his efforts and still came up with nothing. He knew she was still out there somewhere in Nacin. Rogee wouldn’t send her far. He’d want her right under his nose to keep an eye on her. She was too dangerous to leave without supervision, but with her new technologies too valuable to kill.

Cain sighed, forcing himself to take a deep, calming breath. It wasn’t easy. Every breath hurt knowing he had failed to keep her safe. If he never shared the locket with her, she wouldn’t have been dragged into this mess. She would never have discovered the dark secret Rogee was so desperate to hide and would still be a free woman.

Rain’s face swam in front of his eyes, thinking of how her eyes crinkled at the corners when she cracked a rare smile. He thought of how her violet eyes fluttered closed and how she shivered when he finally confessed his feelings for her, overcome with emotion because no one had ever loved her before. Those eyes were the windows to her soul and the very thing that had captured him as a boy. They held endless pain but also a sea of yearning for someone to reach out and gain her trust again.

So close…. If only they had had more time he was sure she would have come to trust him, to give in to his love completely. And even better, for her to love him back.

He longed to hold her, feel her heart fluttering under his fingers again, responding to his touch. The raw feeling of their one and only kiss, stolen in the moment just before she had been taken from him, was just a bare memory now. The moment that should have held so much promise for them was now a reminder of his failure.

An acid desire for revenge warred with his forced sense of calm. If anyone touched one hair on her head they were going to be a cadaver before long. He’d sworn to himself that he’d keep her from ever being hurt again. Cain hated that he’d failed in his promise. She had already suffered beyond measure.

Cain looked up as Argon came out of the building, heading to his side. Argon shook his head, pulling his hood up. “The sec knows nothing. She didn’t even know about the body that washed up this morning. I also inquired about Michael. All she can say is he was sent to a prestigious prep school, but we both know that’s a bunch of shit. They have their stories straight and they’re sticking to ‘em. Xorratti is in Mercaine so we can’t question him either.”

“We have to find her,” Cain said, putting both palms on the hood of the car and exhaling heavily.

“We will,” Argon replied wearily, patting his shoulder. “Rain’s strong. She’ll be fine. Rogee must be desperate to hide her if he’s willing to try and fake her murder.”

But he could hear the lie in Argon’s voice. Argon already thought that it was too late to find her. He just didn’t dare to say it straight to Cain’s face. And he was probably right but Cain refused to give up.

Both men stood for a minute, enmity strong for the city that had betrayed them. They both knew what the elites had planned and had no idea how to stop them. All they could do for now was keep searching and wait for the opportune moment to bring Rogee down.

Argon shifted, looking at Cain suddenly. “You really do love her, don’t you?”

Cain didn’t answer, still looking out over the cityscape before them. His eyes narrowed, knowing that Argon didn’t need an answer to that rhetorical question. He already knew the truth, as did everyone else that they had interrogated over the last week. And they all had the same bleak look in their eyes, thinking that it was a lost cause to keep searching.

“Call Dantenn,” Cain ordered, turning away. “Check again to make sure Rain hasn’t been there.”

Argon nodded and headed off as Cain looked out over the city once more. Cain gritted his teeth, squaring his chin as the dawn came over the city of Nacin.

“I’m coming for you, Rain. I will find you,” he vowed to no one in particular as the drizzle fell, dampening the smog. “I will find you.”

Did you enjoy it? Comment and let me know if you’re excited for the book to come out! Slave to War will be within your grasp in a week!

The Swan Princes: A Christmas Tail

It’s live everyone! The Swan Princes is out and ready to read on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!

Just in case you need a recap, here’s a little bit about the story:

Witches, black swans, a mystery disappearance, an Asshole, and a Christmas romance that lasts ‘till the end of time…

Marissa Siegfried has always been in love with DePrynce… Odetton DePrynce, that is. When Odetton mysteriously disappears, unexpectedly leaving his fortune and estate to her, Marissa gets more than she ever could have bargained for when she discovers that her new home comes complete with a crew of mysterious swans. But is there a sinister secret at the heart of Odetton’s disappearance? Or will DePrynce be lost to her forever?

The Swan Princes is a new fantasy retelling of the classic Swan Lake story, spun with a comedic gender-swapping twist that will warm your heart this holiday season.

And here’s a snippet of the story:

You can pick up your copy on Amazon here for just $2.99, or FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

The Swan Princes – An Exclusive Excerpt

Hi everyone! Here’s an exclusive excerpt of the Swan Princes: A Christmas Tail –

Sometimes I truly believe that crying is the one human emotion that can express everything words can’t. Crying for joy, crying as one laughs, crying for help…Well, right now, it was none of those things that had me bawlin’.

Crying out in pain as George Pickskip slammed me in the gut, I had to wonder why he had chosen me as his target. The pain was terrible, my eight-year-old self unable to fight back against his massive size. The pure white snow around me was now rolled with dirt and splatters of my blood.

Having never bothered him at school, I didn’t know why George had followed me from the schoolyard and thrown me in the ditch, deciding to beat me into a pulp. The school bully, I suppose everyone had their turn being his punching bag. Today, it seemed, was to be my turn. No matter how I fought back, he was too strong for me to fight off.

“No one will save you now,” he crowed, pulling a huge wad of my hair out. Tearing the bow from my hair, he sneered and wrapped a hand around my throat as I tried to worm away. “I’m going to make you so ugly that no one will recognize you when you get home!”

He laughed, pulling back his fist to slam me in the face again as I cried. But then he was torn off of me.

Sitting up in shock, I saw another boy tackle him to the ground, and a much bigger one. He beat George with a ferocity that shocked me; kicking him in the gut and then hauling him up by the shirt collar.

“You don’t touch her!” the boy roared, slamming a third, furious punch into George’s jaw. Blood splattered from his lip, splitting as George fell to the ground.

George gave up struggling with a cry and curled in on himself, trying to edge away from the onslaught. The boy let him go; George running away, wailing like a girl at his defeat. My savior stared after George, spitting in the snow after him and turned back to me.

My mouth dropped open in surprise. It was Odetton DePrynce, my father’s boss’ son. Where had he come from? Had he followed me back from school? He had never paid me any attention before.

“Why did you save me?” I asked tremulously, shrinking a little and wondering if he had come to beat me up, too.

An eyebrow went up as he looked down at me, seeming surprised by the question. His eyes narrowed, and filled with some emotion I didn’t recognize. Then he smirked. “Because I’m the only one allowed to bully you. That’s why! Now get up. We have a long walk back.”

As he picked up my bow and put it back in my hair for me, I couldn’t help but stare. Hazel eyes that swallowed my soul met mine, Odsie taking his sleeve and wiping off blood from a cut on my cheek. “You’re a mess. We need to get you home. You coming?”

But as Odsie kindly extended his hand to help me up, something happened that would change my life forever. I took his hand, wanting to never let go as his wrapped around mine. Looking up at my savior, my heart warmed in a way that it never had before.

That was the day I fell in love with Odetton DePrynce.

Hope you enjoyed this exclusive preview of the story! The Swan Princes is available now on Amazon for Kindle.

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